Warning: Will Burst Into Song Randomly

Apr 15


First giveaway of April Yeeyeyayayyeyyyaay. Hmm.

This time you have a chance to win a large Sufferer plushie and a small Karkat plushie~! They’re a pair; only one winner this time. The basic stats are the same: Sufferer is 3 ft tall, Karkat is slightly under 2 ft. Both made of fleece and really floppy and huggable. The Sufferers’ hood can go up or down, as pictured above. 

Though…maybe not my best? Idk, I feel like these guys could have come out better; I really couldn’t find one consistent design for the Sufferer (referencing both canon and fan artworks) so if his design is ‘off’, I apologize. If you win, you can tear him up if it bothers you that much. And I tried to not give them same exact facial design, but it was kind of hard and they came out looking similar anyways.  Oh gosh, I’m such a failure. Throw me out of the fandom while you still have a chance ;A; Sigh. 

MOVING ON~!. Standards and Practices

-Reblooog and liiike all y’all want. 

-RNG winner. I think.

-I keep forgetting what rules to write. 

-PLEASE DON’T FOLLOW ME FOR THIS SINGLE GIVEAWAY. IT WILL NOT INCREASE OR DECREASE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. However, if you seem to like my blog content, want to see more of my plushie work, and/or find my sad excuse for talent fascinating, feel free to follow me c:

-ENDS…..uh.. I’ll say April 17th. Two weeks, since next week is Easter. At 10:30 p.m. EST. 

That’s it. Keep calm and reblog on. (ノ◡ヮ◡)ノ~『✧

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